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Player Placements are open to all players interested in competitive soccer. Each age group will host multiple sessions.

Sessions available for: 2003-2014 Boys + 2006-2014 Girls

Club soccer can be overwhelming for parents and players. We design our teams and programs to help players from all backgrounds reach their maximum potential. Our coaches focus on individual development first, so your player can become skillful and successful on and off the field.

Don't settle for unorganized programs with negative team cultures.




The right ENVIRONMENT, COACHES, & CURRICULUM, will ensure a positive introduction to soccer, and create a foundation to help your player reach their full potential. Read more about Our Approach.

Your Player's Development

"In school you will benefit to the maximum degree from striving for individual brilliance. Soccer is no different. You will benefit optimally from striving for mental and neuromuscular superiority. The only way to achieve this is to develop:

  • The most incredible individual skills. 
  • The tactical speed to utilize those skills successfully under the greatest physical pressure. 
  • The self-concept and leadership mentality necessary to embrace and relish the challenge of learning to do this at the very highest level of competition."

Andy Barney

Training Soccer Legends

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Player Placements

Player Placements are fun, soccer sessions designed to bring out the best in your player.

Our coaches will be looking for confidence, athleticism, and positive attitudes. Skillful dribblers with a willingness to take on other players are legendary players! Players will also be rated on their work rate and overall attitude toward other players, the coach, and themselves. We want players that bring their best effort to the field and can respond positively to mistakes and pressure.

Official Player Placements for the 2021-2022 Year will be held May 24-June 5. Ongoing Player Placements will happen on a team by team basis throughout June and July. Contact us to schedule a time to visit an Open Practice. Use this short form to get started and our Director of Coaching, Max von Rabenau will follow up with you.

Program Commitment

Our Legends soccer year is 11 months long: July - May.  Teams will practice twice per week (U14+ sometimes up to 3 per week) and have weekend games during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.  We ask players to commit to an entire year with the team, just as the coaches are committing to their team for the year.

Follow this link to see the full overview of the Program Commitment, Club, and Team Fees. 


Legends Club players get to wear the exclusive New Balance Legends kits. These are purchased directly through our club store with Soccer.com. Follow this link:

Teams and coaches


U8 (2013)

Team: Lady Legends 2013

Coach: TBA + Max von Rabenau

Emails: max@nwalegendssoccer.com

U9 (2012)

Team: Lady Legends 2012

Coach: Josh Buford & Eric Powers

Emails: josh.b.legends@gmail.com ericpowers.legends@gmail.com

U10 (2011)

Team: Lady Legends 2011

Coach: Matt Holdaway & Carolina Salinas

Emails:  matt@nwalegendssoccer.com carolina.nwalegends@gmail.com

U11 (2010)

Team: Lady Legends 2010

Coach: Matt Holdaway & Carolina Salinas

Emails: matt@nwalegendssoccer.com carolina.nwalegends@gmail.com

U13-14 (2008-2007)

Team: Lady Legends 2007/2008

Coach: Thomas Corona and Abbey Wood

Email: coacht.legends@gmail.com abbey.nwalegends@gmail.com

U15 (2006)

Team: Lady Legends 2006

Coach: Max von Rabenau and Abbey Wood

Email: max@nwalegendssoccer.com abbey.nwalegends@gmail.com


U8 (2013)

Team: Legends 2013

Coach: TBA + Max von Rabenau

Emails: max@nwalegendssoccer.com

U9 (2012)

Team: Legends 2012

Coach: Josh Buford & Eric Powers

Emails: josh.b.legends@gmail.com ericpowers.legends@gmail.com

U10 (2011)

Team: Legends 2011

Coach: Thomas Corona and Mason Clemens

Email: coacht.legends@gmail.com   mason.nwalegends@gmail.com

U11 (2010)

Team: Legends 2010

Coach: Thomas Corona and Mason Clemens

Email: coacht.legends@gmail.com   mason.nwalegends@gmail.com

U12 (2009)

Team: Legends 2009

Coach: Ricky Maria

Email: ricky.nwalegendssoccer@gmail.com

Team: Legends 2009

Coach: Brady Wade

Email: brady.nwalegends@gmail.com

U13 (2008)

Team: Legends 2008

Coach: Uly Morales & Brady Wade

Emails: Uly.legends@gmail.com brady.nwalegends@gmail.com

U16 (2006-2005)

Team: Legends 2005/06

Coach: Max von Rabenau & Philip Johnson

Emails: max@nwalegendssoccer.com  philipjohnson.legends@gmail.com

U17 (2004)

Team: Legends 2004/05

Coach: Leo Hernandez & Todd Tymeson

Emails: leo.nwalegendssoccer@gmail.com todd.tymeson@yahoo.com


How much time and travel?

Parents today are busier than ever. We get that. Our Legends Club teams play soccer year round, but we schedule in appropriate breaks throughout the year, and practice twice per week. Players that want more training can participate in our optional Academy Training Sessions, which are open to all players across the club. We keep travel to a minimum. We play most games in the NWA area, and have limited travel for tournaments. Most teams travel 1-2 times per season to Tulsa, Kansas City, or Little Rock.

Who are the coaches?

By age 13, 70% of kids drop out of sports, often due to negative pressure from parents and coaches. Legends coaches are trained professionals who have a passion for youth development - and the beautiful game of soccer. Many of our coaches have their own story about the negative impact from one of their youth coaches. We're working hard to break that cycle. Our coaches put players first. We create an encouraging, empowering environment and we challenge our players to "go for it!"

How do we get started?

Don't worry; we're here to help! Depending on the time of year, you can participate in our club-wide Player Placements that happen during May-June or you can visit a practice for your age-group. Either way, you'll have an opportunity to meet the coaches and your player will get to practice with the team. This gives you the chance to make sure Legends is the right fit for your family. Use the "Visit a Practice" link below to send us some basic info to start the conversation.

Legends players continually stretch their comfort zone to reach their maximum potential. Legends crave more knowledge never fear exploring new concepts in performance development. As part of our commitment to educating players and parents, we share helpful resources to read, watch, and discuss together. Becoming a Legendary player doesn't happen overnight; it requires a daily commitment to living the "Legends lifestyle."


What you eat and drink become the fuel to power your performance. Click to learn more about nutrition for youth athletes.

Eating to Play

Athletic Nutrition for Young Athletes


"Performance is 90% mental."

The mindset and attitude of a player are a huge factor in long-term success.

Attitude and Performance

9 Mental Skills


Our bodies have limitations. Often overlooked, the quality of sleep athletes get will determine how well their body functions. Sleep improves physical and cognitive function - the skills we perform and the decisions we make.

Is Sleep Important?

5 Ways Sleep Impacts Athletes


Top athletes live a daily lifestyle of various types of training. During team practices we're striving for "deep," specific repetitions of soccer-specific movements. Outside of practice, your player will ultimately decide how far they go, by how they train.

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