Philosophy of Coaching Overview

1. We strive to build an environment that allows players to build a love of the game that motivates them to play. A win or loss should not define any player’s desire to play the game.

2. While soccer is ultimately a team sport, the most successful teams are made up of individually brilliant players. Each player must be taught and trained to be successful with the ball at their feet before they try to learn tactical team concepts. If players are unable to keep and control the ball as individuals, they will fail in their attempts to successfully complete tactical plays.

3. The Training Soccer Legends approach is unscripted freedom of thought and action. We don’t dictate what our players do or when they do. We want them to be able to make their own wise soccer decisions while they express themselves creatively on the field.

4. The four core components of Legends training are creative technical, chaotic tactical, specific physical, and clutch psychological.

5. Legends are not positional players. Each player is expected to be brilliantly creative with the ball no matter where they are on the field. Every player will have the opportunity to play every position on the field and see the field from every possible angle.

6. Legends are encouraged to take risks on the field, even if they lose the ball, even if they get scored on, even if they get knocked off their feet. Players that are willing to try, fail, and then try again are more likely to develop a healthy response to adversity and failure.

7. Players who have been encouraged to “go for it” and think in terms of driving relentlessly forward, are those who stand the greatest chance of learning how to dribble, pass, or combine the two, to penetrate defenses and create goal scoring opportunities.

8. Legends training attempts to simulate street soccer conditions-- tight crowed spaces where chaos ensues and giving the ball away is not an option. Many of the world’s best soccer players learned to dribble and strike a ball in their own tiny backyards or on the streets of their hometowns.

9. Legends players are taught deceptive dribbling and powerful finishing techniques. These are the most complex soccer skills to master. Transfer of Training teaches us that if a player can send in an upper 90 banger, they can easily pass the ball accurately to a teammate.

10. Training time is designed to inspire creative ball handling and goal scoring. Any training time not spent perfecting deceptive dribbling or finishing techniques, is time wasted according to Economy of Training. Economy of Training teaches us that players should spend their time working on the skills

that will result in goal scoring opportunities. Time spent working on other skills is less time spent perfecting the result of finishing a goal scoring opportunity.

11. Our club believes that character development is an integral component of training soccer Legends. The challenges and pressures found on the soccer field create the perfect environment to teach players life lessons in determination, discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, honesty, patience, confidence, bravery, leadership, composure, and more.

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