"If you believe that growth comes from risk taking, that you cannot grow without it, then in leading kids towards growth it is essential to get them to take intelligent risks and make mistakes. Errors are good. No errors, no progress. The successful player will profit from her errors and try again in a different way. No soccer player performs the right move, or hits the target, every time. That’s why players should be rewarded when their experiments fail. If a player is trying to learn something new she should get credit for it. A player who isn’t encouraged to make errors may learn nothing. Making errors is a good thing. Great players take responsibility for them, keep trying to fix them, conquer the challenge, and move on to the next one. In youth soccer an intelligent error is not a error, it is an opportunity for education. The key to great coaching is teaching this to your players so that they can benefit maximally from every attempt that fails. A soccer career spent making errors is more developmental and valuable than one playing safe. While one player may hesitate because he feels inferior, another will be busy making errors and becoming ever more superior. Many coaches would argue that they do not have the time to encourage errors. We would argue that you do not, not have the time."

- Andy Barney
Training Soccer Legends 

Legends Club Fee Outline

Program Commitment

Our Legends soccer year is 11 months long: July - May.  Teams will practice twice per week (U14-U16 sometimes up to 3 per week) and have weekend games throughout most of the year.  We ask players to commit to an entire year with the team, just as the coaches are committing to their team for the year. 

Club & Coaching Fees

Annual Club Registration Fee: $75 (Includes a PDF copy of Training Soccer Legends by Andy Barney)

Annual Legends fees cover year-round coaching costs and administrative club operations.  Legends fees include access to extra academy sessions (additional technical training held weekly) and use of the Legends Indoor Facility for any individual training.

U8 (2012): $715 annually (can be paid 11 monthly installments of $65 per month)
U9-U11 (2009 - 2011): $792 annually (can be paid 11 monthly installments $72 per month)
U12-U15 (2005 - 2008): $924 annually (can be paid 11 monthly installments $84 per month)
U16 (2004): $672 annually (can be paid in 8 monthly installments $84 per month) U16 HS players participate with their club team July-February
U17-U19 (2001 - 2003):
$756 annually (can be paid in 9 monthly installments $84 per month) HS players participate with their club team June-February

*Families who choose to pay the annual fee in one payment will receive a $50 discount.

Other Costs

All additional league and/or tournament costs will be divided evenly among all players and paid directly to the event providers through each team's manager. Team Managers typically calculate team costs by season- Fall, Winter, Spring - according to the events each team chooses to participate in. 


There will be a tournament entry fee of approximately $50-55 per player per tournament. Most teams will participate in 3 travel tournaments: 1 fall, 1 winter, 1 spring. Teams will also have the opportunity to participate in 1-2 local fall tournaments and 1-2 local spring tournaments.

These fees will include any necessary registration fees, referee fees, or field rentals required to participate in these leagues. 


Each individual player is responsible for purchasing a Legends uniform which includes two primary jerseys, an alternate training jersey, a pair of shorts, and a pair of socks. Club-wide uniforms will be updated every 2 years. Next uniform update will be Fall 2020.

Legends Uniforms (approx. $150)
Nike Striped Division III Jersey – Red/White (Primary)
Nike Challenge II Jersey – Black (Primary)
Red Nike Venom Woven Shorts
Red Nike Classic Soccer Socks
Nike Park VI Jersey – Grey (Training/Alternate) *Same as previous year, purchase as needed
Additional required equipment – as determined and communicated by the coach

Miscellaneous Fees

US Youth Soccer Association and Arkansas State Soccer Player Card: $20- $28

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