"Training Soccer Legends” is a “Go For It” philosophy. Time is precious! However, many are the number of creative skills to be conquered. Becoming a Legend is the dream. Penetration is the goal. Why then go backwards or sideways? Those are directions for ordinary players not for the budding ball wizard. Because time is so short and the creative challenges are many, we have eliminated all backwards and sideways combination plays from the Legends developmental process and curriculum. College and professional recruiters are looking for those special players who can create, and/or finish, goal-scoring opportunities. Therefore, we can’t afford to waste our player’s precious developmental time on keep away drills involving trail passes and switching the point of attack, when the hardest and most vital component of the game is the ability to penetrate and score. Players who have been encouraged to “go for it” and think in terms of driving relentlessly forward, are those who stand the greatest chance of learning how to dribble, pass, or combine the two, to penetrate defenses and create goal scoring opportunities."

- Andy Barney
Training Soccer Legends

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